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Only I am 17 years old (2020) 91


Nonton Film Only I am 17 years old (2020) Streaming Movie Subtitle Indonesia Gratis Download Online

“If a miracle happens, I want to see you again. This time, I want to tell you my thoughts.” The two began to be conscious of each other and thought that they could always convey their feelings of “like”, but Kota suddenly died. Seven years later in 2020. Mei returns to her hometown for the first time in seven years and visits under a cherry tree filled with memories of Kota. Appearing there was Kota, who had died and remained 17 years old. Kota, who can only enter the world while the miraculous cherry blossoms are blooming, can he convey his feelings to Mei in the remaining time? Whereabouts of Kota and Mei’s childhood friendship? What is the secret of the shock hidden in Kota’s death? Finally, the fate choices that the two took.